Raleigh Studios Update

By Jim Barth
May 26, 2012

Mayor Williams says he wants Park City to annex the land where developers plan to build Raleigh Studios, an endorsement that comes as the Park City Council is poised to begin its discussions about the project.  The mayor does not hold a vote in the matter unless he must break a tie between City Council members. However, Williams leads the City Council meetings, and he is able to influence the discussion.

Williams describes a series of benefits to Park City if the land is annexed and the project is developed within the city limits. According to the mayor, one of these benefits is that City Hall would review the designs of the project more rigidly than Summit County would if the land remains in the unincorporated area of the county. He further states that City Hall would collect property taxes and sales taxes if the land is in Park City.

For more details, please see the Park Record Raleigh Studios article.


Raleigh Studios Commences Review Process in Park City

By Jim Barth
Mar 09, 2012

According to an article in this week’s Salt Lake Tribune, its “teeth-gnashing” time in Park City as the planning commission comes to grips with a proposal to build a Raleigh Studios movie production facility accompanied by an entertainment complex, hotel and media center.

 What is not in question is whether the project will be built on 29 acres along Park City’s eastern entry corridor. In January, Summit County signed a legally binding agreement that allows for construction of the 350,000 square foot complex under county standards, if Park City does not approve the project in the allotted time frame.  The settlement agreement has given Park City until April 25 to accept the developer’s project.

 The Park City Planning Commission will next address the movie studio issue at their meeting on March 14, 2012.

 The developer has indicated that the movie studio complex will be built to “fit the Park City brand,” and believes that “the project will fit in well with Park City and Deer Valley.”

 Raleigh Studios is the largest independent studio operator in the country, managing nearly 2.5 million square feet of sound stage, office and support space in seven facilities located throughout the U.S. and Europe.