By Jim Barth
Jul 29, 2012

Map of SkiLink UtahAccording to an article in the Park Record, support for SkiLink, the gondola connection between Canyons Resort and Solitude Mountain Resort, grew a little stronger this week.

The Lift Utah Coalition, a group of business leaders and legislators from across the state, added 30 new members with the goal of promoting and sharing information about SkiLink, which is currently in the committee process in the United States Senate and House.

“What we've tried to do is work with the groups or individuals that have expressed interest in being more active in supporting SkiLink," said Mike Goar, the general manager of Canyons Resort. "On one hand, we've wanted to recognize that support and effort in promoting the concept of connecting the resorts, but we're also hoping to engage them in communicating the benefits of SkiLink to other groups, citizens, community leaders." 

Lift Utah Coalition added 30 new members to the 20 who originally formed the group.   Some of these new members include legislators, industry leaders and community leaders.  State Senator Kevin VanTassell, the Summit County representative, is one of the new members.

“I wanted to add my name to the list of supporters," VanTasell said.  "I think our major ski industries are in a unique system where the resorts are very close together. If we can provide an interlink system, that's our next step to expanding the industry.”

“I really believe this is one of the things we can use to further increase skier days and get tourists staying longer," he added. "There is some controversy but I believe we can do this right, do it smart."

Despite the controversy, Goar indicated that he is optimistic about the support for SkiLink, and even though the project has a long way to go, it is moving in the right direction.

For more information and a detail list of the new Lift Utah Coalition supporters, please click here.