Deer Valley Resort’s Entry Corridor – Phase II

By Jim Barth
Dec 21, 2013

Picture of Deer Valley Drive roundabout in Deer Valley UtahThis past week, the Park City Council was scheduled to approve a professional services contract for the second phase of the Deer Valley Drive road project.  As many of our readers and clients know, last summer, Deer Valley Drive was a real mess.  I must admit, however, that the construction crew did about as good a job as they could in diverting and routing traffic, minimizing the impacts and the result seems to be quite good.  Next summer’s work will be in no way as intrusive, and is centered on aesthetic and beautification of the Deer Valley Drive corridor rather than actual road construction.  The work scheduled for Deer Valley Drive for the summer of 2014 includes:

  • Additional pedestrian lighting (from Sunnyside to Snow Park Lodge);
  • Consistent sidewalks throughout the corridor;
  • Crosswalks;
  • Possible bus shelters/bus stop amenities;
  • Cleaning of the creek;
  • Landscaping improvements along the corridor;
  • Entry feature near the intersection of Deer Valley Drive and Deer Valley Drive North;
  • Bridge façade restoration;
  • Fiber optic conduit from Sunnyside to Deer Valley’s Snow Park Lodge;
  • Possible addition of bus pullouts at Greyhawk and Foxglove condominiums;
  • Updating of the existing Deer Valley information sign located at the southeast corner of the roundabout; and
  • Removal of the electrical box at the split.
For more detailed information and a schedule of work to be performed, please feel free to contact us.


By Jim Barth
Feb 19, 2013

Picture of Deer Valley Drive roundabout in Deer Valley UtahAs we all know, Deer Valley Drive is an important transportation link for Park City as well as Deer Valley Resort.  It provides year round recreation and special event access for residents and visitors. It is also an important artery for neighborhood residential access. Travelers experience morning and evening peak travel congestion, especially during the height of ski season. The availability of Federal funding provides an opportunity for Park City to make improvements to enhance mobility through the area using various modes of transportation.


The project will provide improvements between the roundabout at Marsac Avenue/Deer Valley Drive to the “Y” at Deer Valley Drive North and Deer Valley Drive South.

The project will:

  • Upgrade utility lines including improvements to the storm drain, replacing portions of the distribution gas line and replacing the distribution water line.
  • Improve traffic flow by constructing bus pullouts, adding a turn lane at the intersection of Deer Valley Drive / Deer Valley Drive North as well as updating directional signing and striping throughout the project area.
  • Resurface the roadway from the roundabout to Deer Valley North.
  • Enhance pedestrian and bicycle infrastructure specifically increased lighting through the corridor.
The improvements proposed for this project remain within the current roadway right-of-way to minimize impact to the properties along the corridor.


To best address the challenges of this project, including the maintenance of traffic during construction, Park City has elected to bring a contractor on board during the design phase of the project. This allows all team members to work together to determine the best approach to the design and construction of the project.

The project team is currently working on the design plans and construction is scheduled to begin April 2013.


Deer Valley Drive Open House

February 19, 2013 from 4:30 to 6:30 pm

Park City Council Chambers, 445 Marsac Avenue